Title and Email Address

RMFW is managed by the Executive Committee* and Board of Directors. Click on a name to learn more about a board member. Click on the title or area of responsibility to send a board member an email. Or see the Contact Us form to email a board member

Vicki Law President* at president@rmfw.org
Janet Fogg Vice President* at vp@rmfw.org
Wendy Terrien Secretary* at secretary@rmfw.org
Shannon Baker Treasurer* at treasurer@rmfw.org
Saytchyn Maddux-Creech Membership Chain at membership@rmfw.org
Liesa Malik PAL Liaison* at pal@rmfw.org
Lisa Manifold IPAL Liaison at ipal@rmfw.org
Wendy Howard & Corinne O'Flynn Co-Conference Chairs at conferencewebsite@rmfw.org
Terri Benson Western Slope Liaisonwestern_slope@rmfw.org
Monica Poole Critique Chair at critique@rmfw.org
Sheri Duff-Merz Programs--Denver at denverprograms@rmfw.org
Terri Benson Programs--Western Slope at western_slope@rmfw.org
Terri Benson Education Chair at education@rmfw.org
Lisa Manifold Newsletter Editor at newsletter@rmfw.org
Susan Brooks Writers Retreat Chair at retreat@rmfw.org
Susan Brooks and Pam Nowak Contest Chair at contest@rmfw.org
Wendy Howard Technology Chair at website_liaison@rmfw.org
Rene Zimbelman Publicity Chair at publicity@rmfw.org
Shawn Harper Hospitality Chair at hospitality@rmfw.org
 Pam Nowak Volunteer Coordinator at volunteer@rmfw.org
Mario Acevedo Anthology Editor at anthology@rmfw.org
Brian Winstead History Chair
Mark Stevens Podcast Chair