Member Login Instructions

Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers has moved to Cvent for membership and event registration. Below are instructions to log into your account and update your personal information:

1. Go to this site:

If you're a member in good standing and are logging in to Cvent for the first time? Click on 'Don't know your password?' below the login fields. Enter the email address you use for your RMFW membership. This is the email address in which you receive email communication from RMFW. Follow the instruction to reset your password. Continue to step 2.

Not sure what email address to use to retrieve/reset your password? Contact and and we will look up your email address for you.

If your membership has expired. When you try to log into Cvent you will be told that you do not have access to the website. Use the Become a Member fields on the right to renew your membership.

2. Once you have the correct log in information, log in using your email address and password combination.

3. Your membership profile opens upon successful log in.

4. If this is your first time logging in, take a moment to update your profile. To do this, click on the Edit button. Page down through your profile and add/change any personal information and preferences in your profile as needed.

Make sure you add your website as well as your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts so that members can find you on social media.

IMPORTANT: ‘Display my information in contact directories’ at the top of the page will add/remove your entry under the Members Directory tab.

5. Click the Update button to save your profile changes.

Questions? Leave a comment below or email Saytchyn Maddux-Creech, RMFW Membership Chair at and/or Wendy Howard, Website Liaison at

10 thoughts on “Member Login Instructions

  1. I am still having issues trying to log into my account. My old user name was Deadchick and whn I tried to reset the password, all it wanted was my email and new password. It did not ask for user name and now I cannot access it? Any thoughts?

  2. Usernames are not used in the new system, Joanne. You log in with an email address and password. I will email you at the email of record we have for you. Use that email when retrieving/reseting your password on the new system.

  3. I currently receive your email, but I’m not a member. I tried to sign up as a new member, but it wouldn’t let me log in. I got a new password, but it still won’t let me log in. KISS, seems to describe the problem.

    Ken Greene

  4. I signed in to become a member and to register for the Gold Conference in Westminster in September. Very confusing to register for the conference, but did manager, although one of the questions I keyed in as a “NO” answer came up YES on my confirmation. I’ve tried several times to become a member and I have signed in several times but yet the site says I am not authorized to use the site. Am I not wiggling my ears correctly, or what?

  5. I cannot login. I have a receipt in my email for the membership fee, but the system will not allow me to receive the link to change my password (says I am not allowed access). Help!

  6. Hello, I renewed my membership last night and paid, but it still won’t let me log in this morning. It says I’m not authorized.

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