2016 Anthology: Found

Found - Ebook - Cover
FINALIST: 2017 Colorado Book Awards

Winner of the 2017 Colorado Book Award for Best Anthology

Sometimes things are better off lost. And sometimes they were never meant to disappear. Either way, when they’re found, everything changes.

Explore fifteen illuminating tales of short fiction that reveal the consequences of finding something once lost or better off forgotten.

* Nibs Jones learns the harder he runs from his past only builds momentum for when he crashes back into it.

* Norma uncovers a ghastly relic whose secrets bridge an untold history between her life and that of a mysterious stranger.

* Templeton adopts a stray that leads to tasty consequences.

* Emerald’s quest to reconnect with her roots could lead to an unexpected dead-end.

* Harley’s chance discovery of a lost photograph opens up to the greatest what-if? of his life.

* Desma returns broken from a war and struggles to reassemble her shattered soul.

And nine more stories to draw you in and show you the profound changes that happen when something is found.

From Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers comes this collection of inspired works from both award-winning and talented new writers to include Mark Stevens, Dean Wyant, J.A. Kazimer, Joshua Viola, Diana Holguin-Balogh, Terry Kroenung, Natasha Watts, and more.

If you have any questions about the 2016 Anthology, email the Anthology Liaisons anthology@rmfw.org.