Anthology 2016: Found

Below are the stories selected for the 2016 RMFW Anthology:

    Riccardo Schiaffino Soccer Trading Cards
    Mark Stevens and Dean Wyant The Pledge
    J.A. Kazimer The Lost Lost Boys
    Terry Kroenung Nergali Orphan
    Rachel Delaney Every Drop of Light
    Joshua Viola Finder’s Fee
    Saytchyn Maddux-Creech Sundog Where I’ve Been
    Dan Moyle Finding Narrah Jalijuwara
    Natasha Watts Mother Star
    Claire Fishback Remembra
    Diana Holguin-Balogh Telling Bones
    Charlene Dietz The Inner Child of Henry J.
    Frederick Bloetscher The Old Coyote
    George Seaton The White Buck

If you have any questions about the 2016 Anthology, email the Anthology Liaisons