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On the third episode of the Rocky Mountain Writer podcast, mystery writer Gwen Florio calls in from Missoula, Montana where she played a key role in the reporting that led up to Jon Krakauer’s new non-fiction book, “Missoula,” about rape and sexual assault at the University of Montana. Florio also talks about what’s new with her mystery series featuring reporter Lola Wicks.

Also, Jim Heskett, the voice of Indie Author Answers, talks about how his podcast helps find readers. He also talks about his new book, Wounded Animals, the beginning of The Whistleblower Trilogy.

Show Notes:
Chapter 1 with Gwen Florio starts at 1:30
Chapter 2 with Jim Heskett starts at 27:30
More about Gwen Florio:
More about Jon Krakauer:
More about Jim Heskett:
More about Indie Author Answers:
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RMFW Writing Contest; Writing Across Gender
Episode 2

On the second episode of the Rocky Mountain Writer podcast, RMFW Colorado Gold contest chair Chris Devlin talks about what’s new in the 2015 version of the contest, which is now open to all aspiring writers. Note: contest closes June 1!

Also, 2015 Writer of the Year nominee Susan Spann, author of the Shinobi Mysteries, including the forthcoming Flask of the Drunken Master (St. Martin’s Press, July 2015), offers some advice about writing across gender.

RMFW Writer of the Year; Synopsis Tips
Episode 1

In the inaugural podcast, host Mark Stevens interviews RMFW Writer of the Year Shannon Baker about her new book contract;
chats with writer Charles Senseman about his tips on writing the dreaded "synopsis" that every writer needs to query or pitch;
and talks with Colorado Gold conference "goddess" Suzie Brooks about the upcoming three-day conference in September.

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