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Title Priority Last Date Closed
Change in PAL representative Medium Malik 12/06/2016
Get RMFW Email Accepted by Earthlink High Howard  
Newsletter Article Submission Form Broken High La Voie  
Conference Home Page Updates High O'Flynn 11/15/2016
Denver Free Programs page empty High Christie 11/10/2016
Website Page Changes Low Law 11/07/2016
Denver Programs Email Change Low Duff 11/08/2016
Add WOTY & IWOTY to Winners Page High Howard 11/07/2016
Add Board Meeting Date Medium Howard  
Add Holiday Party to Events Medium Howard 11/04/2016
Add Western Slope Event High Howard 10/30/2016
Change Email Medium Duff-Merz 10/31/2016
Update to Newsletter Submission Form Medium La Voie 11/01/2016
Publicity Committee Files area Low Christie 10/27/2016
It's a Book Sign Up and Payment Online Move to High Malik  
Move Members from Yahoo! Group to Forum High Law  
Publicity Turnover Needs High Zimbelman 10/24/2016
Change in Publicity Chair Medium Christie 10/22/2016
Complete SAQ C-VT PCI Compliance High Baker 10/12/2016
It's A Book High Malik 10/06/2016
Add Book Signing to Events High Howard 10/03/2016
Add Nominations for Board Members to Website High Howard 10/03/2016
Jasmine Award Description Medium Howard 10/01/2016
Add Jasmine Winner Medium Howard  
Accessing the Newsletter Archives for Logged-in Members Medium La Voie 10/03/2016
2017 Contest Submission Form Updates Medium Brooks  
Menu Dropdown Change Medium Brooks 09/26/2016
Newsletter Submission Form Medium La Voie 09/24/2016
Retreat Registration Medium Brooks 09/17/2016
Testing of Retreat Registration High Brooks 09/27/2016
Changes to Email Forwarding and Website Access High Howard 09/16/2016
Add Board Meeting Medium Howard 09/16/2016
Swap Out Anthology Widget Medium Howard 09/14/2016
Change Menu Operations Medium Howard 09/13/2016
Update Events In General High Howard 09/13/2016
Can't Retrieve Password High Howard 09/07/2016
Remove Peter Joseph from Conference Home Page High O'Flynn 08/27/2016
Newsletter Submission Form High Manifold 08/17/2016
Update Photos on Slider High Howard 08/16/2016
Remove Past Events High Howard 08/16/2016
Phone number data High Brooks 07/23/2016
Aug 13 Western Slope Free Program Low Manifold 07/22/2016
Add WOTY/IWOTY Event High Fogg 06/30/2016
Changes to Anthology Pages High Howard 06/30/2016
Add Writer of the year Events to Events Page High Howard 06/16/2016
Form for Uploading Conference Handouts and Directory for Downloading Handouts High O'Flynn 06/15/2016
New Newsletter Directory Page High Manifold 05/24/2016
Create Voting Forms for WOTY & IWOTY High Howard 04/24/2016
Add Writer of the Year Nominees to New Website Pages High Howard 04/21/2016
Create Form to Submit Newsletter Content High Manifold 04/23/2016
Displaying 1 - 50 of 187 1 2 3 4