Busy, Busy, Busy! (quote from Professor Hinkle’s bunny)

Okay, the holidays are over. New Year’s resolutions are done (and I mean done, as in missed, forgotten, totally not going to happen already). Time to get my act in gear. Yep. Time to do that. Starting tomorrow. Or maybe this weekend will be better because, you know, I’ll have more time to get it in gear.

This is how my mental state is right now. I have a “completed” manuscript. I’m ready for beta…maybe. But I better read it a dozen more times, editing all over the place so I have to read it again and again to see if my changes work or made it worse. Or maybe I should chuck it.

No. I’m not going to chuck it. But I do need to chuck this attitude of waffling and thinking the time isn’t perfect to write or that the writing will ever be perfect. I’ve watched a couple repeat movies during the last week so clearly there are some multi-hour blocks wasted there. The Christmas tree does not need to come down any time soon – it’s not in the way, and it kinda covers up that stain on the carpet. We’re on diets, so I won’t have a lot of cooking to do. NOW IS THE TIME.

So my NEW New Year’s resolutions are:

  1. Set aside 4 hours per evening to write.
  2. Read the manuscript through once, make notes on what I think needs to change, then spend time (a LITTLE time) thinking through those changes and any effect they might have on the rest of the manuscript BEFORE I willy-nilly muck it up.
  3. Set a realistic date to have it ready for beta, and GET IT OUT with a realistic date to get the responses back in.
  4. FINISH THE DAMN THING and get it out to agents/editors!

How are you all doing on your resolutions? How many are non-writing? Remember, the Colorado Gold conference will be here before you know it – that’s a great chance to get your work in front of agents and editors!

Hoping you are all having a good start to the year (and not the same as mine!).

And do you know who Professor Hinkle and his bunny are?


Terri Benson
As a life-long writer, Terri Benson has one published novel, award winning short stories, and over a hundred articles – many award winning - in local and regional magazines and on-line e-zines. She is a multi-year member of RMFW (Western Slope Liaison & Board Education Chair, and W/S events are hosted at her employer); she is also a long-time member of RWA. Benson is a regular blogger for RMFW, and frequently pelts them with articles for the newsletter.
Her historical romance, An Unsinkable Love, a truly Titanic love story with plenty of suspense, is available from Amazon in both e-book and paperback. More about Terri on her website.

3 thoughts on “Busy, Busy, Busy! (quote from Professor Hinkle’s bunny)

  1. Hi Terri — I’ve already declared January a lost cause and set my new goals to start February 1st. 😀

    Good luck on wrapping up that manuscript and getting it sent to agents and editors. I’m not sure why letting go of some manuscripts is so hard, but I have a couple of never-ending wips as well. They need just a little more tweaking…

  2. Some of my best editing was inspired by setting a firm date to either sub to agt/editor, or deliver to beta readers. I love your sense of humor, Terri. Yes, we’ve all been there. Here’s a tiny thought to consider: unless you’re one of those super people who can burn the midnight oil until one or two, might I suggest just one hour a night? It can always be expanded when you get on a roll. And you will. I *know* you will! Happy writing!

  3. I decided 4 hours would work, because I get off work at 3:30, and even with cooking dinner, I have 4 hours between 4 and 9. That doesn’t mean I’ll always get it, or even that I have since I wrote the post(!) but it’s certainly doable. I’m a binge writer, so once I get on a roll, I’m there until I remember to eat, or need to pee. I just ordered a bicycle desk so I can exercise while I write/edit. Either I’ll get more writing and exercise done, or I’ll be in the hospital – it’s a tossup which.

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