Important Info for Colorado Gold Attendees

It is my privilege to welcome you to Colorado Gold! We want you to have a spectacular time. We have put together a few informational notes to help make your time as productive as possible. As always, should you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me at

Susan Brooks
Conference Chair

DON'T FORGET: There is no Wi-Fi available in the classrooms.

Important Information for Conference Attendees

Schedule Changes: Please see the online brochure and At-A-Glance for the most recent schedule changes.

Assistance: If you have any questions or issues that arise during conference, contact the registration desk, or find someone with an “Ask Me” ribbon.

Registration: The registration table will open at 7:00 AM for those attendees registered in a Friday Morning Master Class, or a Friday Morning Critique. Registration will open at 10:00 AM for all other attendees.

Pitch Appointments:

  • You will receive your pitch appointment and/or other specialty appointments in your registration materials. Please come to the appointment location 10 minutes early.
  • Pitch appointments are located on the 2nd floor across from the elevators.


  • Dress in layers. The room temperature is set to accommodate average attendees. Your personal preferences may be different than the set temperature. Dressing in layers will help you to adjust for the warmth or coolness of the room.
  • Dress comfortably according to your needs. There is no standard dress code for conference. People wear everything from shorts to business casual. Wear what makes you most comfortable.
  • Dress at the Saturday Banquet tends to be quite dressy compared to regular conference attire. People wear everything from jeans to suits and dresses. Dress according to your personal preference.


  • We have a conference photographer who will take pictures during workshops and also at the meals including the Saturday Banquet.
  • Contest Finalists will have photos taken as they leave the stage.

Meal Options:

  • Meals are included with your regular conference registration with the exclusion of Friday lunch and Saturday lunch. You will need to make your own lunch arrangements on those days.
  • There is a map with nearby restaurants located in the brochure.
  • Saturday and Sunday morning consists of a continental breakfast.
  • The Kachina Grill is located inside the hotel and is a breakfast and lunch option. Do note that the restaurant will be busy. You may need to make adjustments for time.
  • Starbucks is located in the hotel and will sell sandwiches and other lunch items on Friday and Saturday. Items must be ordered in advance. See flyers available on the information table.
  • The Kachina Bar is located inside the hotel.
  • A cash bar will be available prior to the Friday and Saturday meals, during the Friday Night Author Signing and Book Sale, and in the Hospitality Suite on the 2nd floor on Friday and Saturday night.
  • You will receive a meal coupon for the Saturday Banquet in your registration material. Bring this with you to the banquet and place it on the table in front of you. This helps the food servers to bring you the correct meal and speed the serving process.

General Workshop Notes:

  • We will not have tables in the workshop rooms. If you wish to take notes or use your laptop, please bring a writing surface, clip board, or lap desk.
  • There is no Wi-Fi available in the classrooms.
  • Please refrain from posting to social media while workshops are in progress. Attendees have let us know they do not appreciate this distraction while they are focused on learning.
  • We will send out an attendee survey after conference. We would appreciate it if you would provide us feedback to your conference experience. We use your comments to make next year’s conference better.
  • Check-out from the hotel on Sunday is 12:00 Noon. The hotel will charge you a fee for late check-out.

Book Store and Workshop Recordings:

  • The book store is open for the duration of conference including evenings and for several hours after conference on Sunday.
  • If you wish to purchase recordings of any conference workshop, please place your order as soon as possible. Joyco makes the recordings on site and needs time to complete your order prior to your departure on Sunday.

Notice of Photography and Audio/Visual Recording

When you attend the Colorado Gold Conference, you enter an area where photography and audio/visual recording may and will occur. By entering the conference premises, you consent to such photography and recording and to its release, publication, exhibition, reproduction, and use for news, educational, promotional, advertising, and sale purposes and to its inclusion on and distribution through websites and in hard copy formats (collectively, “Uses”). By entering the Colorado Gold Conference, you also consent to use of your image and voice, to the extent they appear in audio and/or video recordings and photgraphs. You waive all rights you may have to any claims in connection with all uses of recordings and photographs, regardless of the purpose or sponsoring of such uses. If you have any questions or concerns, please speak with the conference organizers.