Past Conferences

2015 Conference

Book Sale 4-Judith Robbins Rose
The Big World of Small Publishing 2
Linda Joffe Hull Susan Brooks
Tracy Thornton Brisendine
Talking on "Homicide for Writers Not Criminals"
Bree Ervin
Putting Curiosity in the Driver's Seat
Book Sale 2
Writing Across Genre--How Genre Conventions Shape Your Story
With Grayson Towler and Rebecca Bates. Moderated by Angela Lavoie.
The Big World of Small Publishing
Ben LeRoy Linda Joffe Hull
Angie Hodapp
Teaching a Friday morning Master class--"Thinking in Scenes: Projecting Your Fiction on Your Reader's Mental Movie Screen."
Kara Seal
Demonstrates how to tell "Is Your Novel MG, YA or Divergent?"
Cath Launa
Writing the Basics of Queer Characters
Leah Parker
More demonstration for "Is Your Novel MG, YA, or Divergent?"
Aaron Michael Ritchey, Warren Hammond and Brenna Yovanoff
Susan Brooks
Our 2015 Conference Chair enjoys the Friday night banquet.
Heather Webb and Kerry Schafer
No Feet of Clay--Molding Characters that Move the Reader
Editor-Agent Panel
Carol Berg
Taught a Friday morning Master Class--"Vivid Writing" AND a Friday afternoon workshop--"The Joys, Pitfalls and Techniques of Revision."
Kay Bergstrom
Amnesia Again?
Shannon Baker
RMFW's 2014 Writer of the Year introduces our 2015 Writer of the Year, Susan Spann.
Charlie Yoite
Writing the Basics of Queer Characters
Keir Graff
Letting us know how to "Invite Yourself to the Social Media Party."
Enes Smith
Teaching "The One Minute Lie-Detector: Creating Believable Lies."
Book Sale
Because reading books (especially ones written by people you know) is almost as much fun as writing them.
Editor-Agent Panel
Emily Singer
Writing the Basics of Queer Characters
Cindi Myers
The Juggling Act--Writing for More Than One Publisher
Deni Dietz
Synopses and Queries and Formatting, Oh My!
Agent-Editor Panel
Karen Lin
There are always smiling faces at the registration, info table.
Carol Caverly
Brainstorming Yourself! Finding Ideas in Strange Places
Editors Read the Slush Pile
Sandra Bond and Susan Spann
RMFW's 2015 Writer of the Year, Susan Spann poses with her agent, Sandra Bond.
Book Sale 5--Cindy Myers and Yvonne Montgomery Ewegan
Anita Mumm
A Layered Approach to Worldbuilding.
Mario Acevedo and Aaron Michael Ritchey
Resistance--What's Keeping You from Writing?
Mario Acevedo and Warren Hammond
The Better Half--Sidekicks in Fiction
Tactics and Techniques for Keeping a Series Fresh
Jeanne Stein, Robin D. Owens, Carol Caverly, Cindi Myers
Johnny Worthen
Symbolism Theory--Connection and Reference
Agent-Editor Critique Sessions
Trish Hermanson gives comments at the table led by Danielle Burby from Hannigan, Salky, Getzler Agency.
Agent-Editor Panel III
IPAL First Sale Panel
Monica Poole, Stephen Merlino, Corinne O'Flynn, Shawn McGuire
The Writing Biz: Truth and Lies with Money
Taught by Kay Bergstrom, Robin Owens and Cindi Myers. Karen Lin moderates.
Pamela Nowak
RMFW's current president at the Friday evening banquet.
Chris Mandeville
Teaching a Friday Morning Master Class--"Everything You Need to Know to Write a Novel"
Jeffery Deaver teaches a packed workshop
Enjoying a Workshop
Failure and Self-Doubt--The Silent Battle
Jeff Seymour, Bonnie Ramthun, Mary Gilgannon, Shannon Baker, Julie Kazimer
Book Sale 3-Gary Reilly
Kirk DouPonce
Book Cover Design

2013 Conference

The 2013 Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers Colorado Gold Conference was held September 20-22, 2013 at the Renaissance Hotel, Denver, Colorado

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2013 Conference Literature

2013 Special Guests

  • Historical novelist Margaret George
  • Thriller and urban-fantasy author Rob Thurman
  • Horror author Ronald Malfi

2013 Attending Agents and Editors