Conference Handouts

Course Title Instructor's Name Attach File
The Six Positively, Absolutely Unbreakable Rules of Good Dialogue John Blair
The Value of Absurdity in Writing David Atkinson
How to Get Your Short Stories Published David Atkinson
Unmask Your Characters Through Deep Point Of View Peggy Waide
Road Trip: Two Characters In Search of A Plot Peggy Waide
The Prolific Professional: Time Management & Productivity for Published Writers Stephanie Reisner
Ready to Rumble Betsy Dornbusch
The Magic Sales Tools: One Line, One Paragraph, One Page Karen Lin
Write Tight Susan Smith
Podcasting 101 Mark Stevens
How to Make Money Writing BEFORE You Get Published Terri Benson
Writing the I Carol Berg
Voice (What Is This Thing Called Voice?) Carol / Susan Berg / Smith
Hacking Demystified Warren Hammond
De Ja Vu All Over Again, Revision Christine Jorgensen
Mushy Middle Warren Hammond
What a Girl Wants: Strengths & Weaknesses, Wants & Needs Pamela Nowak
Taking Motivation from the Author’s Mind to the Page Pamela Nowak
Romancing the Military Man Link Miller
Weapons Systems of the Future Link Miller
Find Your Tribe: How to Build and Grow a Reader Mailing List A.G. Henley
The Doctors Are In: Creating Realistic Characters with Mental Illness A.G. Henley
The Care and Feeding of an Anthology A.G. Henley
Last Words: Setting Up a Powerful Ending Martha Husain
25 Things I Wish I Knew 5 Years Ago: From Pre-published to Mulit-Published J.A. (Julie) Kazimer
Emotion in Fiction Angie Hodapp  
More Than a Pretty Face - Book Covers Sue Duff
Ready to Rumble - Links Betsy Dornbusch
The Inciting Incident: Don’t Wait Until Page Fifty. How to Find the Real Beginning of Your Story and Get to it Quickly Rebecca Taylor
Understanding & Developing the Goal, Motivation, & Conflict in Your Young Adult Nove Rebecca Taylor
Opening Pages Workshop *updated* DongWon Song
Tackling Tough Topics in YA Fiction Shawn McGuire
Creating Characters with Depth Shawn McGuire
Getting Into the Act; Make Your Readers Your Marketers Gina Panettieri
You, a Writer, as a Business Therese Francis
How to write authentic African-American Characters Jason Evans
It's all a Matter of Perspective: Writing From Multiple POV Aimie Runyan
A Dash of Spice: Using Research Deftly in Any Genre Aimie Runyan
Promotion for the PrePublished Author Bernadette Marie Soehner
Self Publishing: Is It For You? Lisa Manifold
Event Table Psychology Lisa Manifold
Self-Publishing: Can You Bring It? Lisa Manifold
Ahoy! There Be Pirates! Susan Spann, Corinne O'Flynn, Lisa Manifold Stephanie Connolly-Reisner
Synopsis and More Sharon Mignerey
voice carol Berg  
Nexus: Sales Tax Monster Under the Bed Therese Francis
The Art of Revising Thao Le
Last Words: Setting Up a Powerful Ending (Slides) Martha Husain
Field Guide to Amazon Nathan Lowell
What a Girl Wants Pam Nowak  
the art of revising thao le  
the art of revising thao le  
Writing a Killer Mystery Susan Spann  
Suspense Elements that Translate to any Genre Chris Goff