2014 Conference Handouts

Handouts will be posted as they become available.
Not all presenters provide handouts.

NOTE: Hotel WiFi is not available in the session rooms. You will need to download your handouts before you attend any of the classes. Hotel WiFi is only available in the lobby, restaurant, and bar areas.

2014 Conference Brochures
2014 RMFW Attendee Brochure2.3 MiB2418
2014 Workshop At-A-Glance80.7 KiB1742
JOYCO Session Recording Order Form 20141.1 MiB329
2014 Conference Workshop Handouts
Characters and Their (Flawed) Development49.4 KiB218
Engage Your Writer 4-Wheel Drive305.6 KiB180
Etiquette For Success Handout75.2 KiB204
How to Be Hook-y: Short Stories223.0 KiB229
How to Handle Your Author Social Media Platform in 30 Minutes a Day208.0 KiB236
It's Not Just What you Say: Body Language for Writers41.6 KiB506
Loaded Exchange: How To Write Tension-Packed Dialogue378.6 KiB214
MC Screenwriting Form Visual Narrative 458.3 KiB181
Panel: Etiquette And Promo Tips For The Published Author Handout56.8 KiB146
Pitching Publication772.3 KiB257
Plot Devices: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly18.3 KiB261
Rejection Is Not A Four Letter Word98.7 KiB286
RMFW Metaphor Magic Class Handout200.2 KiB420
Setting Workshop28.4 KiB209
Sexy Science for your Science Fiction65.5 KiB253
Suspense More Than a Ticking Bomb15.8 KiB335
The Anti-Hero: Our Fatal Attraction to Bad Boys, Femme Fatales, and the Unsavory974.2 KiB283
The New Golden Age of Short Fiction181.3 KiB100
Theme: What It Is and Why You Need It135.2 KiB182
Up Close and Personal: Making Third Person POV Pop!3.1 MiB153
Verbs, Verbs, Verbs151.9 KiB207
Writing With Scrivener 101473.5 KiB325