Educational Workshops

Each full-day event is presented by an esteemed author or industry professional. Registration is required. Included in the cost of registration are:

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Book sale
  • Door prizes
  • Speed-dating with an author
  • Contact

May Education Event

A Writer’s Toolbox Presented by Hannah Bowman Liza Dawson Associates Saturday, May 17 8:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. The Crystal Rose 9755 East Hampden Denver, CO Early Bird Extended to Event Date $75 Member Registration $90 Non-member Registration The workshop will provide specific tools and strategies for writers to develop their craft in constructing sentences, scenes, and stories. We’ll include time to apply techniques to your current WIP and work in small groups. Morning Session (9am-11:30am): Plot, Structure, and Pushing your Characters. We’ll explore techniques for developing a strong premise, visualizing your plot structure, and basing conflict in characters’ desires and frustrations. Please bring a synopsis of a current WIP for this session. Afternoon Session (1pm-3pm): Developing Voice. We’ll focus on prose in this session, looking at specific tools to strengthen writing at the level of sentences and paragraphs, to construct immersive scenes, and to establish your writing in your characters’ perspectives and develop that mysterious and key quality, “voice.” Please bring 5 pages of a current WIP for this session. Q&A (3pm-4pm): Publishing 101. We’ll end the day with an informal Q&A for any questions you have about writing craft or the publishing industry. Hannah Bowman joined Liza Dawson Associates in 2011. She has a B.A. from Cornell University in English and Mathematics. While a student, she spent four summers working in particle physics at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, before eventually deciding her true interest was books. Hannah’s clients include: Pierce Brown, NYT Bestselling author of RED RISING (Del Rey); Rosamund Hodge, author of CRUEL BEAUTY (Balzer & Bray/HarperCollins); Brian Staveley, author of THE EMPEROR’S BLADES (Tor Books) Hannah specializes in commercial fiction, especially science fiction and fantasy, young adult fiction, women’s fiction, cozy mysteries, and romance. Hannah is also interested in nonfiction, particularly in the areas of mathematics, science, and religion (especially history and sociology of Christianity).

Special Guests

Gwen Hayes of Entangled Publishing 20 in 15 for $25 Gwen will spend 15 minutes with participants, critiquing the first 20 pages of their work in progress, for an additional $25. Gwen has 17 slots available. Be among the first 17 people to register in order to meet with Gwen. Once you’ve registered, plan on sending the first 20 pages of your manuscript to Vicki Law ( by April 20th. The pages will be forwarded to Gwen, who will have read them by the time she meets with you at the event. Gwen will spend 15 minutes critiquing your pages and discussing your story with you. The Deadline has passed. Critiques from Gwen are no longer available.

entangled_logo_3Gwen Hayes is an Editorial Director of Scandalous, an imprint of Entangled Publishing. She began her publishing career editing for a small publisher in 2007. She went on to write and publish kissing books for adult and young adult readers, most notably her Falling Under series published by Penguin in 2011. She continued to freelance as a content editor before joining the Entangled team in 2013. While she directs the category length historical imprint, she acquires across all lines and is in the top secret development of a new line to be unveiled soon. Gwen lives in the Pacific Northwest with her real life hero, their mostly grown children, and the pets that own them all. In her spare time, Gwen likes to pretend she actually has spare time. She firmly believes she is saving the world one love story at a time and she loves to talk romance and shenanigans with anyone who will listen.

Speed-Dating Authors

With individual 15 minute appointments, these three authors will critique the first two pages of your manuscript or simply discuss the business of writing and publishing with you. Each of these authors bring their own unique experience, perspective and knowledge to the table. PamNowakPam Nowak: Pam says, “I’ve loved both history and romance for as long as I can remember. Growing up inpicture_003 Minnesota, I spent cold winter days crafting complicated plots for Barbie dolls and reading Laura Ingalls Wilder books and imagining wonderful stories while playing in the hot summer sun. In junior high, I discovered Judy Blume and twice started my own “coming of age” manuscripts (I still have the spiral notebook with its 100 plus handwritten pages). When I discovered romance, I read all the sub-genres, from sweet Harlequins to gothics to bodice rippers. But my heart set itself on historical romance when I picked up LaVyrle Spencer’s The Fulfillment. Pam is a hybrid author. She has worked with Five Star/Gale/Cengage, a traditional small press targeted to the library market, since selling her first book in 2006. Since re-acquiring her rights, she has also self-published her backlist, releasing two titles in 2013 and has undertaken the steep learning curve involved with e-pubbing and social-media marketing. While her three historic romances (Chances, Choices, and Changes) have netted starred reviews, awards, and Denver best-seller status, it took twelve years of learning craft, polishing, and submitting to land her first contract. Her decisions to remain true to the western historical romance genre despite its limited market and to sign with a small press were not made lightly and have impacted her career both positively and negatively. Pam also volunteers extensively with RMFW and other writing groups and has held multiple roles over the years–something she recommends to anyone who truly wishes to immerse themselves in the writing experience. Sean-CurleySean Curley: Sean says, “I love the world independent publishing opens up to us. Thousands of books and new approaches that never would have made it past a publisher’s desk are out there, ready to be found and tested. Of course, this brings challenges with it, not least of which is the fact that many of those attempts will be poor and not worth reading. That’s the natural selection process at work. I started publishing as an independent author over seven years ago, before it was an accepted practice. I did it partly to learn the publishing industry before I tried to approach a traditional publisher. However, when that time came, I found that there really wasn’t a lot of reason for a new author to go to a traditional publisher, so I continued publishing independently. I currently have two books available to the public and a handful more that are for my family (e.g. a genealogy book).” Sean was born and raised in California. His Catholic upbringing shifted to Philosophy and Computers during college. Others have referred to him as a Renaissance man because of his diverse educational background in Computer Science, Philosophy, Management, Space Studies, and Creative Writing. He is frequently found speaking on diverse topics such as Humanism, management, parenting, separation of church and state, and religious history. He has published one non-fiction book, Humanism for Parents, and one novel, Propositum – A Novel. He is currently working on two more novels. Mr. Curley lives in Colorado with his children.

And Our Bookseller

Who Else! Books – Ron and Nina Else will be on hand, bringing with them the best part of their bookstore located in the Broadway Book Mall. You’ll be able to pick up our authors’ books, plus those of other RMFW authors and non-fiction books on writing and the publishing industry. Plus more – breakfast, lunch, afternoon snacks and door prizes/give-a-ways. Come network and socialize with writers in all stages of their writing careers. For more information, contact Vicki Law at or call her at 970-497-6452.