Getting to Know You…Or Not…

rmfw-logoHave you noticed the excellent newsletter series introducing IPAL members?

And the RMFW member guests we feature here each month?

I'd like to expand our "getting to know you" efforts to include a series of mini-introductions featuring RMFW members whether they're unpublished, indie published, or traditionally published. I'd especially like to include those folks who haven't already been featured on the RMFW Spotlight.

I threw this idea out to six members by email and included the invitation to participate, three questions to answer, and the request to include an author or candid photo suitable for thumbnail size (150x150 pixels).

No response.

So far I have one volunteer who said she'd love to be included. One.

The RMFW membership is huge. What good does it do to belong to the organization but remain anonymous. Don't you want to reach out and make new writerly friends? Get people to follow you on Twitter or friend you on Facebook? Encourage them to visit your website or blog?

I'll give this "getting to know you" project one more shot before tossing it in my huge barrel of Great Ideas That Went Nowhere.

If you're willing to answer three easy questions (nothing too personal) and provide a photo, please email me at

Patricia Stoltey
Blog Editor

Patricia grew up on a farm in central Illinois so naturally had to use the old farm in her first mystery. The second Sylvia and Willie tale takes place near and in the little touristy gold mining town of Oatman, Arizona. Patricia’s third novel, a standalone suspense called Dead Wrong, was released November 2014. Dead Wrong was a finalist in the thriller category for the Colorado Book Awards. Visit her blog at

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    • Thanks for the heads-up on that email address, Terry. It should have had a .org at the end — it’s fixed now.

      I’ll send you the questions this weekend. I now have enough volunteers to do a post for June. Who wants to step up for July?

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