Heroes, Henchmen, and Sidekicks — An Online Class From Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers

Heroes, Henchmen,and Sidekicks:
The Characters-First Approach to Plot

Presented by Angie Hodapp

2 Week Course
Start Date: Monday, January 6
End Date: Sunday, January 19
$25 Members – $30 Non-Member

AngieHodapp“Character drives plot.” You’ve heard it before. But what if it’s true? Is it really possible to start a novel with nothing more than a cast of characters milling around on a stage, waiting for you to tell them what to do and say?

Yes! Not only is it possible, but it’s actually a lot of fun! Inspired by David Farland’s Million Dollar Outlines, this workshop will take you from zero (no idea for a novel, no notions about a situation, premise, or plot) to ten (a ten-page outline, synopsis, or treatment of a novel) in two weeks. We’ll discuss all the major and minor roles you might want to cast in your novel (even though you don’t yet know what it’s about). Then we’ll set up some conflict between characters and listen to them as they tell us their stories. We’ll wrap up by discussing story structure and plot devices (things like crucibles, time bombs, and try/fail cycles), and you’ll finish by writing your novel’s ten-page (give or take) outline or synopsis.

Whether you’re laboring on a story that just isn’t working, taking a break between projects, or just looking for a fun exercise to get some new ideas flowing, the workshop is for you!

Angie Hodapp holds an MA in English and is a graduate of the Denver Publishing Institute. A 2011 winner of the Colorado Gold Contest and a 2012 semifinalist in the Writers of the Future Contest, she has taught workshops and developed curricula for Writer’s Digest University. She currently works at Nelson Literary Agency in Denver, Colorado.

Patricia Stoltey
Blog Editor
Patricia grew up on a farm in central Illinois so naturally had to use the old farm in her first mystery. The second Sylvia and Willie tale takes place near and in the little touristy gold mining town of Oatman, Arizona. Patricia's third novel, a standalone suspense called Dead Wrong, was released November 2014. Dead Wrong was a finalist in the thriller category for the Colorado Book Awards. Visit her blog at http://patriciastolteybooks.com

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