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Pen Name Title Genre Release Date More Info
Lisa Manifold Thea's Tale Fantasy 05/05/2015 More Info
Corinne O'Flynn Lei Crime Series: Half Moon Girls Mystery 04/05/2015 More Info
Suzanne Young Murder by Christmas Mystery 09/02/2013 More Info
Suzanne Young Murder by Mishap Mystery 04/26/2012 More Info
Suzanne Young Murder by Proxy Mystery 02/01/2011 More Info
Suzanne Young Murder by Yew Mystery 11/11/2009 More Info
D. L. Orton Crossing In Time: The 1st Disaster Mainstream 05/01/2015 More Info
Laura V. Keegan Haunting At Remington House Thriller/Suspense 01/15/2015 More Info
George Seaton Big Diehl: Comes A Peace Mainstream 01/09/2015 More Info
Lisa Brown Roberts How (not) to Fall in Love Romance 02/03/2015 More Info
Liz Roadifer This Time Justice Thriller/Suspense 10/20/2014 More Info
Dan Guenther Glossy Black Cockatoos Action/Adventure 11/18/2009 More Info
Dan Guenther Townsend's Solitaire Action/Adventure 10/25/2008 More Info
Dan Guenther Dodge City Blues Action/Adventure 12/01/2007 More Info
Dan Guenther China Wind Action/Adventure 02/08/2007 More Info
Virginia Rose Richter The Secret of Willow Lane Mystery 08/20/2012 More Info
Mary Scott The Christmastime Storybook 2014 Mixed Genres 12/06/2014 More Info
Robert Polk Operation Tree Roper: An Eye Above Action/Adventure 10/07/2014 More Info
Mariana Gabrielle Royal Regard Romance 11/28/2014 More Info
Mary Gillgannon Call Down the Moon Romance 11/28/2014 More Info
Displaying 21 - 40 of 218 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11