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Pen Name Title Genre Release Date More Info
Teresa R. Funke Doing My Part Historical 09/18/2009 More Info
Teresa R. Funke Wave Me Good-bye Historical 02/01/2012 More Info
Teresa R. Funke V for Victory Historical 09/01/2009 More Info
Teresa R. Funke Remember Wake Historical 10/01/2009 More Info
Teresa R. Funke Dancing In Combat Boots Historical 09/01/2007 More Info
Janet Lane Emerald Silk Historical 04/01/2008 More Info
Mary Birk Mermaids of Bodega Bay Mystery 05/01/2014 More Info
Rudy Ch. Garcia The Closet of Discarded Dreams Fantasy 09/01/2012 More Info
Corinne O'Flynn The Expatriates Fantasy 10/16/2014 More Info
Denise Vega Fact of Life #31 Mainstream 11/10/2009 More Info
Denise Vega ACCESS DENIED (and other eighth grade error messages) Mainstream 09/07/2010 More Info
Denise Vega CLICK HERE (to find out how I survived seventh grade) Mainstream 04/05/2006 More Info
Mimi A. Williams Beautiful Monster Horror 10/22/2012 More Info
Kim Williams-Justesen Kiss Kiss Bark Mainstream 09/14/2012 More Info
Kim Williams-Justesen The Deepest Blue Mainstream 09/20/2013 More Info
C.T.Jorgensen Missing Thriller/Suspense 10/28/2013 More Info
Anabeth Hill Place Of No Return Mixed Genres 08/08/2014 More Info
Lisa McDivitt The Debutante Detective: Murder in Beverly Hills Mystery 02/22/2013 More Info
J.A. Kazimer The Fairyland Murders Mystery 12/08/2014 More Info
Rebecca Grace Dead Man's Rules Mixed Genres 05/26/2014 More Info
Displaying 41 - 60 of 209 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11