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Pen Name Title Genre Length Age Level Release Date More Info
Chuck Greaves Hush Money Mystery     06/08/2012 More Info
Margo Christie THESE DAYS, A Tale of Nostalgia on a Burlesque Strip Mixed Genres     07/06/2013 More Info
Daniel A. Willis Immortal Duplicity Historical     10/15/2013 More Info
Tina Ann Forkner Waking Up Joy Mainstream     10/06/2014 More Info
Mike Befeler Retirement Homes Are Murder Mystery     01/17/2007 More Info
Mike Befeler Living with Your Kids Is Murder Mystery     04/15/2009 More Info
Mike Befeler Senior Moments Are Murder Mystery     08/17/2011 More Info
Mike Befeler Care Homes Are Murder Mystery     06/19/2013 More Info
Mike Befeler Cruising in Your Eighteis Is Murder Mystery     12/19/2012 More Info
Mike Befeler The V V Agency Mystery     04/15/2013 More Info
Mike Befeler The Back Wing Mystery     08/15/2013 More Info
Shawn McGuire Break My Bones Mainstream     09/01/2014 More Info
Patricia Stoltey Dead Wrong Thriller/Suspense     11/19/2014 More Info
Patricia Stoltey The Desert Hedge Murders Mystery     09/04/2012 More Info
Patricia Stoltey The Prairie Grass Murders Mystery     12/06/2010 More Info
C.R. Richards Phantom Harvest Fantasy     01/31/2013 More Info
C.R. Richards Lost Man's Parish Horror     06/16/2014 More Info
C.R. Richards Pariah Fantasy     09/15/2014 More Info
Katherine Lampe The Cruel Mother Fantasy     09/20/2014 More Info
B.J. Daniels MERCY Thriller/Suspense     08/26/2014 More Info
Displaying 61 - 80 of 197 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10