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Pen Name Title Genre Length Age Level Release Date More Info
Teresa R. Funke The No-No Boys Historical     09/18/2009 More Info
Virginia Rose Richter The Secret of Willow Lane Mystery     08/20/2012 More Info
Janet Fogg Trail Winds Fantasy     07/06/2013 More Info
Teresa R. Funke Wave Me Good-bye Historical     02/01/2012 More Info
Robert Polk Operation Tree Roper: An Eye Above Action/Adventure     10/07/2014 More Info
Kim Williams-Justesen Kiss Kiss Bark Mainstream     09/14/2012 More Info
Teresa R. Funke Doing My Part Historical     09/18/2009 More Info
Lisa McDivitt The Debutante Detective: Murder in Beverly Hills Mystery     02/22/2013 More Info
Teresa R. Funke V for Victory Historical     09/01/2009 More Info
P.J. Hermanson Hooty McTooty Discovers True Beauty Humor     01/01/2006 More Info
Kim McMahill Big Horn Storm Action/Adventure     08/24/2012 More Info
Allie Berg A New Dawn Romance     04/14/2014 More Info
Theresa Alan Getting Married Mainstream     07/01/2007 More Info
Catherine Winters Red Fantasy     09/15/2014 More Info
George Seaton An American Memory Mainstream     03/07/2014 More Info
Rebecca Grace Dead Man's Rules Mixed Genres     05/26/2014 More Info
Barbara Graham Murder by Artifact: The Murder Quilt Mystery     11/18/2009 More Info
Mariana Gabrielle Royal Regard Romance     11/28/2014 More Info
Theresa Alan Girls Who Gossip Mainstream     06/01/2006 More Info
C.R. Richards Phantom Harvest Fantasy     01/31/2013 More Info
Displaying 1 - 20 of 192 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10