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Pen Name Title Genre Length Age Level Release Date More Info
Cindy Myers A Change in Altitude Mainstream Novel General Adult 06/24/2014 More Info
Lee Mossel More Than 100% Dead Mystery Novel General Adult 05/14/2014 More Info
Carol Berg Son of Avonar Fantasy Novel General Adult 01/01/2004 More Info
P.J. Hermanson Finding My Way: Seven Generations of Women Speak Historical Novel General Adult 01/01/2007 More Info
George Seaton The Palisade Mainstream Novella General Adult 08/26/2011 More Info
Barbara Graham Murder by Serpents: The Mystery Quilt Mystery Novel General Adult 11/14/2007 More Info
Theresa Alan Sex and the Single Witch Romance Novella General Adult 09/01/2005 More Info
F. P. Dorchak Sleepwalkers Action/Adventure Novel General Adult 08/01/2001 More Info
Travis Heermann Sword of the Ronin Fantasy Novel General Adult 07/01/2013 More Info
Theresa Alan I Shaved my Legs for This?! Mainstream Novella General Adult 12/27/2005 More Info
Angie Hodapp Penra's Folly Fantasy Short Stories General Adult 09/11/2012 More Info
Mark Stevens Antler Dust Mystery Novel General Adult 03/16/2007 More Info
J.A. Kazimer The Assassin's Heart Romance Novel General Adult 03/01/2014 More Info
Catherine Curtis Bauer's Run Thriller/Suspense Novel General Adult 06/12/2014 More Info
Carol Berg The Soul Mirror Fantasy Novel General Adult 01/04/2012 More Info
Kathy Elbinger Frequency Romance Novel General Adult 02/01/2008 More Info
C. J. Pitchford The Agility of Clouds Fantasy Novel General Adult 09/01/2014 More Info
Kendrick E. Knight God's Ear Science Fiction Novel General Adult 12/27/2013 More Info
Displaying 61 - 80 of 115 1 2 3 4 5 6