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Pen Name Title Genre Release Date More Info
Beth Groundwater To Hell in a Handbasket Mystery 11/08/2012 More Info
Beth Groundwater A Basket of Trouble Mystery 11/08/2013 More Info
P.J. Hermanson Soular Eclipse Humor 01/01/2006 More Info
P.J. Hermanson Finding My Way: Seven Generations of Women Speak Historical 01/01/2007 More Info
P.J. Hermanson with Ruth Skorloff Waltz Weavings from Life's Loom Mainstream 01/01/2009 More Info
Katherine Lampe The Unquiet Grave Fantasy 03/19/2013 More Info
Katherine Lampe Demon Lover Fantasy 08/02/2014 More Info
Theresa Alan Getting Married Mainstream 07/01/2007 More Info
Theresa Alan Sex and the Single Witch Romance 09/01/2005 More Info
Theresa Alan The Dangers of Mistletoe Romance 11/01/2006 More Info
Theresa Alan Spa Vacation Mainstream 06/01/2008 More Info
Theresa Alan Girls Who Gossip Mainstream 06/01/2006 More Info
Theresa Alan I Shaved my Legs for This?! Mainstream 12/27/2005 More Info
Anne Randolph Stories Gathered at the Kitchen Table Mainstream 01/10/2014 More Info
M Lee Lederhos Saving Chase Romance 04/26/2013 More Info
Edward Massey Every Soul Is Free Western 05/26/2014 More Info
Pamela Mingle The Pursuit of Mary Bennet Romance 12/03/2013 More Info
Tina Ann Forkner Ruby Among Us Mainstream 05/01/2008 More Info
Tina Ann Forkner Rose House Mainstream 05/01/2009 More Info
L. F. Patten The Talent Sinistral Fantasy 01/09/2014 More Info
Displaying 81 - 100 of 218 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11