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Pen Name Title Genre Length Age Level Release Date More Info
Carol Berg Guardians of the Keep Fantasy     09/07/2004 More Info
Carol Berg Transformation Fantasy     08/05/2000 More Info
Carol Berg The Daemon Prism Fantasy     01/04/2013 More Info
Carol Berg Song of the Beast Fantasy     10/04/2011 More Info
Catherine Curtis Bauer's Run Thriller/Suspense     06/12/2014 More Info
Catherine Winters Black Fantasy     07/28/2014 More Info
Catherine Winters Red Fantasy     09/15/2014 More Info
Christine Goff A Rant of Ravens Mystery     11/14/2014 More Info
Chuck Greaves The Last Heir Mystery     06/24/2014 More Info
Chuck Greaves Green-Eyed Lady Mystery     06/25/2013 More Info
Chuck Greaves Hush Money Mystery     06/08/2012 More Info
Cindi Myers Rocky Mountain Rescue Romance     02/18/2014 More Info
Cindi Myers What She'd Do For Love Romance     06/01/2014 More Info
Cindi Myers Rocky Mountain Revenge Romance     01/21/2014 More Info
Cindi Myers The Woman Who Loved Jesse James Historical     01/23/2012 More Info
Cindy Myers The View From Here Mainstream     09/11/2012 More Info
Cindy Myers A Change in Altitude Mainstream     06/24/2014 More Info
Cindy Myers The Mountain Between us Mainstream     10/29/2013 More Info
Colleen Ladd The Lady's Ghost Romance     06/26/2014 More Info
Corinne O'Flynn The Expatriates Fantasy     10/16/2014 More Info
Displaying 41 - 60 of 197 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10