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Pen Name Title Genre Length Age Level Release Date More Info
Kendrick E. Knight God's Ear Science Fiction     12/27/2013 More Info
Kevin Paul Tracy Rogue Agenda Action/Adventure     10/01/2013 More Info
Kevin Paul Tracy Bloodflow Horror     12/10/2013 More Info
Kim McMahill Big Horn Storm Action/Adventure     08/24/2012 More Info
Kim McMahill Shrouded In Secrets Action/Adventure     08/14/2013 More Info
Kim McMahill Marked In Mexico Thriller/Suspense     01/13/2012 More Info
Kim McMahill Deadly Exodus Action/Adventure     04/20/2012 More Info
Kim Williams-Justesen The Deepest Blue Mainstream     09/20/2013 More Info
Kim Williams-Justesen Kiss Kiss Bark Mainstream     09/14/2012 More Info
L. F. Patten The Talent Sinistral Fantasy     01/09/2014 More Info
Laura E. Reeve Peacekeeper Science Fiction     12/02/2008 More Info
Laura E. Reeve Vigilante Science Fiction     10/06/2009 More Info
Laura E. Reeve Pathfinder Science Fiction     07/06/2010 More Info
Laura V. Keegan Haunting At Remington House Thriller/Suspense     01/15/2015 More Info
Lee Mossel More Than 100% Dead Mystery     05/14/2014 More Info
Liesa Malik Faith on the Rocks Mystery     07/10/2013 More Info
Lisa Brown Roberts How (not) to Fall in Love Romance     02/03/2015 More Info
Lisa McDivitt The Debutante Detective: Murder in Beverly Hills Mystery     02/22/2013 More Info
Liz Roadifer This Time Justice Thriller/Suspense     10/20/2014 More Info
M Lee Lederhos Saving Chase Romance     04/26/2013 More Info
Displaying 101 - 120 of 192 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10