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Mandy Mikulencak
Short Book Description
A meth lab explosion leaves Arlie permanently scarred — both physically and emotionally. Yet, she develops the survival skills to keep her addict mother out of the reach of the law and hidden from her stepfather, Lloyd, the man responsible for the explosion that killed three people. Shortly after Arlie’s 16th birthday, her mother’s suicide forces an end to their nomadic lives. Rules suddenly exist where none had before. Soon, she’s living in a 31-foot Airstream trailer with an eccentric uncle and attending high school for the first time. While her facial scar makes it hard to fit in, Arlie begins to think a normal life might be possible — that is, until her stepfather tracks her down and jeopardizes her new world.
Age Level
Young Adult
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Nominations & Awards
Winner - 2016 Westchester Fiction Awards; Finalist - Reading the West Book Awards (Mountains and Plains Independent Booksellers Association)
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