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Dave Kelley
Cuckoo Elementary
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In this story of a third grade class at Prairie Dog Elementary School in Funnyface, Colorado, kids learn that things are not always as they seem and sometimes the goofiest idea turns out to be the best idea. Mr. Mahoney is a funny teacher who likes to act like a chimpanzee and often encourages his students to do the same. The principal, whose name is Mr. Principal, used to be a teacher. At his old school, the principal's name was Mr. Teacher. Working as a teacher named Principal with a principal named Teacher has caused Mr. Principal to go a little nutty. Mr. Principal can never understand that Mr. Mahoney's "Heinz time" is catch up time, not ketchup time. Hank thinks if he buries his pencil shavings a tree will grow. Meanwhile, the kids are sure there is something special about their class pet, Iggy the iguana. Any time someone goes up to Iggy's aquarium, the iguana stares and sticks out his tongue. Then the person feels something like a shiver until Iggy looks away. Kathryn makes up a jump rope song about Iggy controlling kids' brains. Laughs abound in this warm, inviting, and imaginative ride through a school that is truly cuckoo.
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