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Pen Name
Allynn Riggs
The Balance
Series Title & Number
The Stone's Blade, book two
Short Book Description
The first of three parts of the prophecy of The Blood and The Balance has come to fruition and the second part is unfolding. Ani, now known as The Blood, has come home to a world she never knew existed. There is turmoil among the Stone Singers and the Anyala Stone has been attacked and may die. While the vaccine created from Ani’s blood will save the Lrakiran people from extinction, only the person known as The Balance in the prophecy can save the Anyala Stone. Ani promises the Stones that she will find The Balance and bring them back to Lrakira. No one knows how long the injured Anyala Stone will survive and Ani and her companions are in a race against time with an unknown end.
With help from her telepathic canine companion, Kela, star-runner pilot Renloret, and her childhood friend, Taryn, Ani has to sift through twenty-five years of lies and secrets to uncover The Balance's identity. Just as the identity is learned Taryn’s life is threatened by a brilliant but disturbed scientist with secrets of his own and a vendetta against Ani’s family. Efforts to rescue Taryn from the scientist’s twisted experiments, find the twin, and perhaps save the Anayla Stone will reveal long-held secrets that will impact both Lrakira and Teramar.
Will Ani be able to forgive her mother for misinterpreting the prophecy? Will The Balance be found and returned in time? And the biggest question of all is what will happen if the Anyala Stone dies.
Age Level
New Adult
Science Fiction
Release Date
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Nominations & Awards
2nd Place Science Fiction 2017 EVVY Awards
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