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Pen Name
Carol Berg
Son of Avonar
Series Title & Number
Bridge of D'Arnath 1
Short Book Description
Sorcery and those who practice it have been exterminated from the Four Realms, their memory used only to frighten children. To be accused of so much as associating with sorcerers reaps harsh punishment. Seri has adapted to poverty and exile, far from her noble family's intrigues and the politics of power. But her bitter peace collapses when she shelters a half-mad fugitive - a man incapable of speech, yet skilled at violence. Only a journey of anguished memory and ancient riddles can unravel the mysteries of his identity, his mission, and her own soul. And all the while, those responsible for his condition lie hidden, awaiting the apocalypse.
Age Level
General Adult
Release Date
ISBNs and/or ASIN
ISBN-13: 978-0451459626
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