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Pen Name
Carol Berg
The Soul Weaver
Series Title & Number
Bridge of D'Arnath 3
Short Book Description
When betrayal devastates the Dar'Nethi plan to defeat the Lords of Zhev'Na without violence, the Prince of Avonar must face the possibility that someone close to him is responsible. As anger and frustration shake the fragile joining of his body and soul, the Lords of Zhev'Na bring war to the Wastes. Across the chaotic Breach, the Prince's son, half crazed with nightmares and visions, pursued by past horror and present enmity, flees beyond the boundaries of the world. With three worlds at the brink of ruin, the Prince and his heir must look inside their own souls to discover the devastating truth of their enemies.
Age Level
General Adult
Release Date
ISBNs and/or ASIN
ISBN-13: 978-0451460172
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