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Pen Name
Katherine Lampe
Demon Lover
Series Title & Number
Caitlin Ross #6
Short Book Description
It’s been a difficult winter and Caitlin Ross wants nothing more than to enjoy a simple life awaiting the imminent arrival of her first child. But for a witch married to a shaman with a past, things are never simple. A girl from a prominent local family has become infatuated with Caitlin’s husband, Timber MacDuff, and local tongues are wagging. As if that isn’t bad enough, Caitlin discovers that the new dance teacher in town is one of Timber’s former lovers…and she wants him back.

Timber has no interest in rekindling an old flame, but his former lover has other ideas. When the girl with the crush turns up murdered and the sheriff finds evidence implicating Timber in the crime, Caitlin suspects her rival of framing him to get revenge. In clearing her husband’s name, however, Caitlin will find the true motive for the murder is something deeper and more dangerous than simple retribution. To bring Timber home, she must sacrifice her very being, and make an alliance with a Power as old as love itself.
Age Level
General Adult
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