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Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers
2016 Election Ballot

RMFW is electing a new vice president. Members are also voting on one proposed change to the bylaws. Please vote below. Only active members' votes are counted.

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  • About Sheri Duff-Merz: I’m a wife of the most supportive husband, a mom of two amazing grown children, and a new grandma of a fabulous baby girl. I have three dogs who think they are human. My family is my world. I also write. I write Novels. I write YA Novels. I write Contemporary YA Novels. I write Contemporary YA Novels with Romance. It took me a long time to say that out loud. I joined RMFW in 2011. Normally, an outgoing and confident person, I was terrified to join this community, feeling like I was an imposter. I swore if I didn’t publish in two years, I would give up writing. But what does one do with those voices in her head? She writes. Five years later, I’m still writing, I’m still learning, and I’m not giving up. For the past two years, I’ve been the RMFW Programs Chair organizing free programs for our members. It’s at RMFW Programs, at RMFW Colorado Gold Conferences, and at RMFW Critique Groups that I’ve made wonderful friends. I love this organization and the members. There are days I still don’t believe I’m a “Real Author” but I’m determined and not alone.
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