I Write

I write.

A quip or quote,
a snippet of discourse,
I write.

The ghost or shade,
of idea or gist,
I write.

With pen or quill
or tapping keys,
I write.

Passion for words,
enamored of story,
I write.

Inspired or blocked,
I have to write
in spite.

I write.

Kevin Paul Tracy

Kevin Paul Tracy, writer, philosopher, and all ’round raconteur, has traversed half the globe and both sides of the equator. He has SCUBA dived under ice and snow, and flooded craters hidden deep under ground, and he has done just about every odd occupation you can think of, from cave spelunking guide to wildlife photographer to interstate courier.

Kevin’s fiction tends to deal with themes of bravery and fortitude in the face of extreme adversity, most often featuring very ordinary men and women forced into extraordinary circumstances, called upon to plumb the hidden strengths and resourcefulness they never knew they had.

Don’t miss Kevin’s latest twisted thriller “Presence of Malice“, as well as his other books, the startling and engrossing Kathryn Desmarais Gothic Mysteries “Bloodflow” and “Bloodtrail” and the wonderfully entertaining espionage thriller, “Rogue Agenda.”

He currently lives in Colorado with two very charismatic St. Bernards. More about Kevin on his website and on Amazon.

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  1. Most excellent, Kevin! Please send me a bookmark and I’ll put it on my computer for fine inspiration! 🙂

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