I was re-reading some of my past posts here on the RMFW blog. Can you believe I've been a contributor for two years? Who knew I had so much to say? I would've expected to be ridden out of here on a rail just weeks in!

As I revisited some of my old topics, there were many I feel made some good points, if I say so myself, and that might be worth a fresh look. So in lieu of fresh content this month I thought I'd share links to some of my favorite past articles over two years of contributing to the RMFW blog. If you missed any, maybe take a look at one or two, see if there is anything in them worth taking away and applying to your own writing.

I HATE MY BOOK (12/2014)
How I went from loving my book to hating the very mention of it to loving it again!

How to enrich your world-building by bringing complex political pressures to bear on a plot.

Tackling what can be a daunting task: relating large-scale conflict while still keeping your story character driven.

Academics will only take you so far. Without passion, you're just writing, not storytelling.

The occasional caustic off-hand comment often says more about us than we know, and can have devastating effects on our fellow writers.

Something wrong with you.noʎ ɥʇıʍ ʇɥƃıɹ ƃuıɥʇǝɯoS (5/2016)
Worried that you aren't writing the traditional formula that sells books? Don't be - it's what makes us different that makes our stories stand out.

Thanks for reading for two years! Here's to many more!

Kevin Paul Tracy
Kevin Paul Tracy, writer, philosopher, and all 'round raconteur, has traversed half the globe and both sides of the equator. He has SCUBA dived under ice and snow, and flooded craters hidden deep under ground, and he has done just about every odd occupation you can think of, from cave spelunking guide to wildlife photographer to interstate courier.

Kevin's fiction tends to deal with themes of bravery and fortitude in the face of extreme adversity, most often featuring very ordinary men and women forced into extraordinary circumstances, called upon to plumb the hidden strengths and resourcefulness they never knew they had.

Don't miss Kevin's latest twisted thriller "Presence of Malice", as well as his other books, the startling and engrossing Kathryn Desmarais Gothic Mysteries "Bloodflow" and "Bloodtrail" and the wonderfully entertaining espionage thriller, "Rogue Agenda."

He currently lives in Colorado with two very charismatic St. Bernards. More about Kevin on his website and on Amazon.

4 thoughts on “Retrospect

  1. Kevin, I especially love the KEEP IT TO YOURSELF, SOMETIMES entry–especially in light of conference coming. I have had a similar experiences, and it’s devastating. Even recently, with the nomination of DARK WATERS for an Anthony Award for Best Crime Fiction Audiobook, I have had several fellow authors tell me, “Oh, that’s not really an Anthony nomination for you. That’s an award for the narrator.” Not true. We’re both being recognized. While a bad narrator can make a good book bad, a good narrator cannot make a bad book good. My Anthony Award nomination is a shared honor, and it’s a BIG one in the mystery field. It’s crappy when someone rains on your parade, and even more crappy when that someone is a friend. We all need to keep it in mind at conference and only speak words of encouragement. Thanks for sharing this!

    • Chris – I’m gratified that the article you cite is one I’ve gotten the most response from. But I don’t know how much of an impact it’s making. For example, one member who has since said she liked that post is also one with whom I merely paused to pass the time of day at the last conference, and who spoke to me in such a patronizing tone I couldn’t walk away fast enough. So it’s clear many of us don’t even know when we’re doing it.

      I hope the person who belittled your achievement sees herself in your comment above and feels sufficiently humbled by it.

  2. I’m sorry your sparkling moment was tainted by professional jealousy, Chris. CONGRATULATIONS on your Anthony Award!!

    And Kevin, I enjoyed reviewing your list of blogs. I especially appreciated your comments about politics and war. Keep those blogs coming!

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