Teach a Class

RMFW University Online Class Proposal

Thank you for your interest in teaching an online class for RMFW University. Our goal is to provide great classes throughout the year on a variety of topics for all levels of writers. We will be utilizing the Moodle platform. As with any new program, there will be a learning curve for all involved and some processes may change and evolve. nWhat You Need To Consider:n1. The pay structure is currently 60% to the instructor, 40% to RMFW.n2. To launch the program, we anticipate the length of the classes to be one – two weeks.n3. Classes will cost between $20-$30 for RMFW members. Non-members will pay a small amount more.n4. We hope to provide a moderator for each class.n5. You will need to take self-paced, self study “How To Teach With Moodle” online class prior to teaching a class. This will provide you with the opportunity to see how the platform works.n6. If your class is selected, in addition to the publicity RMFW will provide, we encourage you to use your networks such as Facebook to promote the class. (More participants, more money for you.)
  • This will also be used for promotions. Unclude the targeted audience for this class.