Rocky Mountain Writer Podcast #20

Margo Christie - Dressing Up and Baring All

The guest on this episode of Rocky Mountain Writer is author, performance artist and educator Margo Christie. Margo is on a mission to blur the lines between high- and low-brow art. Her debut novel, "THESE DAYS, A Tale of Nostalgia on a Burlesque Strip," won a second prize in Amazon's 2012 Breakthrough Novel Award and was labeled "as original as it is addictive" by Publisher's Weekly. A 16-year resident of Denver, she's now semi-retired in Tampa Florida, where she's working on a second novel, tentatively titled "Memory Motel," and a collection of travel-inspired essays.

On the podcast, Margo chats about the writing ideas and concepts behind her workshop, "Dressing Up and Baring All."

Show Notes:

Margo Christie

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Host Mark Stevens:

Mark Stevens
Mark Stevens is 2016 RMFW Writer of the Year. He writes the Allison Coil Mystery Series--Antler Dust (2007), Buried by the Roan (2011), Trapline (2014) and Lake of Fire (2015). Buried by the Roan, Trapline and Lake of Fire were all finalists for the Colorado Book Award; Trapline won. Trapline also won the 2015 award in genre fiction from the Colorado Authors League. Kirkus Reviews called Lake of Fire "irresistible." More about Mark on his website.