Sharing is Caring this Holiday Season: SO SHARE WITH ME!

Since the blog will be going on vacation over the holidays, from Dec 23rd to Jan 8th, I’d like to use my post today to thank you all. Our RMFW blog readers are a special group. Along with those bloggers. You all are the BEST of what RMFW has to offer. Good friends who understand why I constantly mutter to myself, occasionally shouting: “EUREKA” (Since I’m not a 1800’s inventor, I don’t actually shout that, but something unprintable brought to you by the letter F).

That being said, I’d love to hear your good writing news over the last year. Did you finish a manuscript? Get an agent? Publish a book? Write something you’re proud of? Give me all of it.

My good writerly news list:

  • Finished 4 manuscripts (a personal record)
  • Wrote my first YA, as well as my first collaboration project
  • Sold a project written years ago

Now let’s hear yours. I want gory details too!