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Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a fabulous holiday. It's hard to believe it's already 2014. December blew threw our house like a blustery wind on speed. We don't do much in regard to celebrating, or decorating, mainly because our fur-kids would be hell on tinsel, ornaments, trees and artificial snow. Our dog Kinsey prefers real snow, but since she enjoys gutting the fluffy stuffing out of her toys, I'm afraid that's what she'd do to the white cotton batting I usually use to emulate snow. Therefore, no Christmas village. No tree. Not for the last 5 years.

But my husband and I do indulge in gift-giving. We got each other a nice big shiny elliptical machine to help burn off all the extra holiday calories.

Our pets weren't exactly thrilled with our new toy. Especially Kinsey.













Sammy: Dude! Stop pacing.

Kinsey: I hate that thing.

Sammy: I hated it, too, at first because of the squeaky wheels, but I got used to it.

Kinsey: I don't care about the squeaking.

Sammy: Then what's your problem?

Kinsey: Barks and snaps at the metal arms moving the elliptical pedals up and down and back and forth.

Sammy: Yawns. You really think you'll stop it that way?

Kinsey: This is just one more thing that takes Mom's and Dad's attention away from ME!

Sammy: You need to accept the fact you're not the center of the universe.

Kinsey: Stops pacing to stare at Sammy as if she just grew a third eye from the middle of her forehead.

Sammy: Does that surprise you?

Kinsey: Are you saying that machine is the center of the universe?

Sammy: Laughs. Of course not. Everyone knows I am.

Kinsey: You wish.

Sammy: Actually, I do.

Kinsey: It's enough that I have to compete for attention with you three cats, but I also have to share Mom with her writing and Dad with his guitar.

Sammy: That's not exactly true.

Kinsey: What do you mean?

Sammy: We're great helpers. Mom couldn't write without us.

Kinsey: Well, I guess you're right about that. She'd be lost without our company.

Sammy: And our ideas. You know she picks up on our thoughts.

Kinsey: I suppose she does.

Sammy: Think of us as collaborators.


Karen Duvall is an award-winning author with 4 published novels and 2 novellas. Harlequin Luna published her Knight’s Curse series last year, and her post apocalyptic novella, Sun Storm, was released in Luna’s ‘Til The World Ends anthology in January 2013.

Karen lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and four incredibly spoiled pets. She is currently working on a new contemporary fantasy romance series.

Karen Duvall
Karen Duvall is an award-winning author with 5 published novels and 2 novellas. Harlequin Luna published her Knight’s Curse series in 2011 and 2012, and her post apocalyptic novella, Sun Storm, was released in Luna’s ‘Til The World Ends anthology in January 2013.

Karen lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and four incredibly spoiled pets. Writing under the pen name Cory Dale, she released the first book in a new urban fantasy series, Demon Fare, in December 2014. More about Karen on her website & GoodReads.

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  1. LOL — I can just imagine Kinsey barking and snapping at the elliptical, trying to drive it out of the house. All I added this year was a little cool air humidifier, and Katie Cat stalks it every time I turn it on. Our critters are so funny.

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