Talk to the Paw: The Great Chase

by Karen Duvall

It's been very busy in our household lately and our pets sense a change is coming. My husband and I will be leaving for our much-anticipated trip to Colorado next week and of course our fur babies don't want us to go. To top it off, my husband just had minor hernia surgery so he hasn't been as active with Kinsey as he usually is. She's jonesing for more ball playing time.

Sammy         Kinsey

Sammy: Would you please sit still?

Kinsey: Panting and twitching. I am still. I'm sitting down. Maybe I should stand. No, sitting is better. On second thought, if I stand next to the couch where Dad is sleeping he might throw the ball for me.

Sammy: Cool your jets, Kins. Dad's not up for playing ball right now. Even walking is a challenge.

Kinsey: Sits down again. Oh, yeah. Right. Then I'll go drop my ball on Mom's keyboard.

Sammy: I wouldn't do that if I were you.

Kinsey: Why not?

Sammy: She's kind of stressed.

Kinsey: So? What else is new.

Sammy: She's been taking care of Dad and she has lots to do before they leave on their trip.

Kinsey: Moans. Don't remind me.

Sammy: Have some catnip. That'll fix you right up.

Kinsey: Grabs the ball in her mouth and drops it in front of Sammy. Here. Push the ball with your nose. Just a little. Make it roll and I'll fetch it.

Sammy: Eewww, no way! It's got drool all over it.

Kinsey: Starts twitching again. If I don't get my ball time I'll go crazy.

Sammy: Ask Teddy. He could use the exercise.

Kinsey: He'll just sit on it and I may never see it again.

Sammy: Yawns. Not my problem.

Kinsey: Stares at Sammy.

Sammy: What are you looking at?

Kinsey: Cocks her head to one side. You're not exactly round, but you'll do in a pinch.

Sammy: Stands and backs up a few steps. What do mean?

Kinsey: The only time I ever chased a cat was when the neighbor's cats got in our yard. It was kinda fun.

Sammy: Narrows her eyes. You're not chasing me.

Kinsey: Aw, come on. Be a sport.

Sammy: Backs up some more. No.

Kinsey: I promise not to slobber on you. Not much anyway.

Sammy: Turns around and launches herself down the hall until she's only a black blur.

Kinsey: Runs after her. Hey, no fair! I wasn't ready!


KarenKaren Duvall is an award-winning author with 4 published novels and 2 novellas. Harlequin Luna published her Knight’s Curse series last year, and her post apocalyptic novella, Sun Storm, was released in Luna’s ‘Til The World Ends anthology in January 2013.

Karen lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and four incredibly spoiled pets. She is currently working on a new contemporary fantasy romance series.

Karen Duvall
Karen Duvall is an award-winning author with 5 published novels and 2 novellas. Harlequin Luna published her Knight’s Curse series in 2011 and 2012, and her post apocalyptic novella, Sun Storm, was released in Luna’s ‘Til The World Ends anthology in January 2013.

Karen lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and four incredibly spoiled pets. Writing under the pen name Cory Dale, she released the first book in a new urban fantasy series, Demon Fare, in December 2014. More about Karen on her website & GoodReads.

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    • Thanks, Julie! In reality, it’s usually Sammy that chases Kinsey. She doesn’t like it when Kinsey barks. 🙂

  1. I just got back from a trip on Saturday and Katie Cat is still following me from room to room . When she sees the suitcase come back out for my weekend at Colorado Gold, she’s going to be very upset.

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