The More You Know…A Writerly PSA

When I first started publishing, I felt lost and often confused.

And no, that is not my normal state. How mean of you to think so…

When I started thinking about proposing workshops to conferences or teaching writing at Rec Centers, I felt like I didn’t know enough to teach anyone anything.

I was right, in that, my first workshop was a disaster. *I threw up in a trashcan*

But I lived through it.

And now, I can stand or really sit at my desk, and tell you this--You have more knowledge about writing, marketing, and publishing than you think. Even if you’ve never published a single word or even finished a novel.

Because you are here, reading my words, among the hundreds of other books, blogs, and other assorted writer-related texts you’ve poured over learning about craft, learning about publishing (indie and traditional), and about marketing.

It’s truly amazing the depth of knowledge our brains can hold and the ability we have to share that knowledge with others. Whether it’s at a workshop or at your local coffee shop with a group of writer friends.

Since I have zero friends, I tend to chat up whoever is around, often resulting in restraining orders, but that’s another post for another day.

Which brings me to my real point. Share your knowledge.

Whether they want it or not!

Okay, the last part, not so much.

That being said, impart your knowledge on me. What have you recently learned that you’re willing to share with the rest of us?



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J.A. (Julie) Kazimer
J.A. (Julie) Kazimer is a writer living in Denver, CO. When she isn't looking for a place to hide the bodies, she spends her time with a pup named Killer. Other hobbies include murdering houseplants. She spent a few years as a bartender and then wasted another few years stalking people while working as a private investigator before transitioning to the moniker of WRITER and penning over 15 titles. Visit her website at

6 thoughts on “The More You Know…A Writerly PSA

  1. Like you, Julie, I’ve been forcing myself to think about what I might know that someone wants to know. This will be my second year presenting at Gold, and I’m still shaky about if I’m going to do a good job and if anyone will show up. But after talking to other writers at workshops and other places, I realize we all have knowledge about things that other writers want to know. We just have to get out there and give it to them – and hopefully they’ll still want it! Thanks for the gentle nudge. And I’m your friend, aren’t I?

  2. Hi Julie (I’m your friend, right?) — I’ve given up the teaching gigs, mostly because the preparation take so much time that I’d rather spend writing or lallygagging. But I keep on reading and learning as much as I can. The most recent tidbit I found interesting was that the market for novellas is growing and not just for those who self-publish. It’s apparently all because of small reading devices and short attention spans. 😀

  3. I’m your friend too, yes, Julie? :-))) Thanks for blogging. I always enjoy your self-deprecating humor — makes me smile!

  4. The thing I’ve learned is that I have been trying to learn ALLLL the things.

    I need to narrow it down to WHAT do I NEED to do. Focus on that. Write. Publish. Promo. Repeat. In that order. Not sure what took me so long to get there. Learning the industry? Learning what I didn’t want to do?

    I think you need to get a good understanding of your industry to figure out what you can let go by the wayside.

    JMO of course.


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