This Podcast is Your Podcast

This is a simple note of thanks – it’s the season – for the podcast support to date.

Guests, thanks for participating.

Listeners, thanks for your patience. (I know the audio has not been NPR-perfect.)

To one guest in particular (I’m looking at you, Ken Kirchner) thanks for re-recording the entire episode when the recorder decided to, well, not record.

Yes, that’s patience.

The podcast has included book cover designers, Colorado Gold keynote speakers, up and coming writers, experienced novelists, sci-fi writers, erotica writers, romance writers, mystery writers, historical fiction writers, reps at literary agencies, indie writers, publishers and the 2015 Colorado Writer of the Year, Susan Spann. (She's snuck on there several times!)

How do you take advantage of the podcast opportunity? Simple – drop me a line and schedule an interview. The only real criteria is that the conversation must in some way connect to RMFW.

Got a book coming up? Drop me a line.

Got a workshop or other related event? Drop me a line.

Do you have a question about your work in progress or would you like to “ask an expert?” Drop me a line and we might record a conversation with an expert for the benefit of all.

If you’re not a “podcast person,” well, I understand.

(That’s a lie; I don’t.)

You really should give podcasts a whirl—I have found them to be stimulating, informative, and a great way to surround yourself with people who think about writing (or reading) during those times when you aren’t writing or reading.

Now, I’m a believer in honest, legitimate reviews. I think ‘AstroTurf’ reviews are obvious—and, of course, meaningless.

But if you’ve listened to the RMFW podcast, please consider heading over to iTunes (the podcast provider that counts the most) and leave a rating and/or a review.

That little step would be a big help in improving our “numbers” in that all-important visibility game on the iTunes algorithm. Again, legit comments only, please.

1. Go to iTunes store on your computer.
2. Go to podcasts
3. Enter Rocky Mountain Writer
4. Click on our icon (square image) until it looks like the accompanying image.
5. Click on ‘ratings and reviews.’
6. Do your thing!

Podcast Image w Arrow

All feedback, in fact, is welcome. Really.

If anyone else out there with RMFW would like to record interviews and participate in podcast production, well….

Drop me a line!

Thank you....

Mark Stevens

Mark Stevens is 2016 RMFW Writer of the Year. He writes the Allison Coil Mystery Series–Antler Dust (2007), Buried by the Roan (2011), Trapline (2014) and Lake of Fire (2015). Buried by the Roan, Trapline and Lake of Fire were all finalists for the Colorado Book Award; Trapline won. Trapline also won the 2015 award in genre fiction from the Colorado Authors League. Kirkus Reviews called Lake of Fire “irresistible.” More about Mark on his website.

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  1. Thanks for the step by step. I’ve been meaning to do this and have put it off because I wasn’t sure how, since I usually listen to the podcasts through the link that comes from RMFW emails. Done and done. I hope this podcast continues for a long time. It’s great!

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