Your Sons and Daughters

By Dave Jackson

Dave JacksonWhen this odyssey of writing started in my life about 10 years ago, I wish I’d known what I’m about to share with you. Those books of yours, they’re like children. The proud parent angle has been done enough. I’m coming from a different direction…check it out.

You’ve got to be a strict and understanding parent with infinite patience.

What I most want to emphasize are the life spans, the trials, the celebrations, and just plain old growing pains of your novels. We all get caught in that trap with our kiddos, saying, “They grow up so fast!” In a way they do. But they weren’t off to college a year after entering the world. The younglings had to grow didn’t they? YOU had to grow with them. You had to share their disappointments and highs, right? A bittersweet and beautiful mist of emotions that one cannot even begin to describe.


That’s what it feels like to watch your book mature. It will let you down a couple of times. It will amaze you. Pride will thunder in your heart and disappointment will bring tears. But you got to stand behind that little reflection of you.

Jackson_Tattoo RampageAs Tattoo Rampage hits the virtual shelves this week (hard cover available by order), I can’t help but think of my son. Besides the point that he has always been daddy’s biggest supporter, just by being a great kid, Jr. has underscored to me that for people or pursuits you love, you must be a strong influence, but willing to allow them to become their own creation and still love them anyway.

Gusto Dave

Tattoo Rampage, Dave's debut novel, is represented for film by Hotchkiss and Associates, the same agency that saw Secretariat, The Kite Runner, and recently Joe Hill's Horns from novels to movies.

Evangelina Marquez-James gets her first tattoo, a symbol of courage to carry on after her husband dies in the line of duty as a police officer. The skin art is of an elite yet obscure super heroine created by a forgotten 1940s artist.

A solar disturbance triggers a metamorphosis in her new ink, enabling Evangelina with the ability to transform into the embodiment of the character complete with powers. She sets out to wage war against the types of vermin who murdered her husband.

Acid, a sociopathic killer who can assume the form of his warlord tattoo, seeks the artist’s original sketchbook. When Evangelina comes into possession of the drawing pad, Acid not only tracks it down, but her family as well, forcing her into a standoff with his nightmarish army born of ink.

Curiosity Quills Press plans to release Tattoo Rampage September 15th of 2013.


Not your typical author, “Gusto” Dave Jackson started writing in his constant pursuit to become a renaissance man. Then he fell in love with the art form. Comedy remains as one of his many passions. He writes and performs skits as well as stand-up. Also a songwriter and guitarist, he has composed over 300 musical titles.

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Patricia grew up on a farm in central Illinois so naturally had to use the old farm in her first mystery. The second Sylvia and Willie tale takes place near and in the little touristy gold mining town of Oatman, Arizona. Patricia's third novel, a standalone suspense called Dead Wrong, was released November 2014. Dead Wrong was a finalist in the thriller category for the Colorado Book Awards. Visit her blog at

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  1. I enjoyed this post so much, Dave. It’s true that when you first hold that published novel in your hands, it feels like cuddling a newborn baby. I wish you all kinds of success with Tattoo Rampage.

  2. Dave, this is a great post. I always feel like I should tell authors, “Congratulations on the birth of your book.” It always seems like an appropriate image. All the best to you in your sales and success.

  3. I’ve never wanted a tattoo, but if I could get one of those with super powers – I’m in!

    Congratulations Dave!

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