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The Published Authors Liaison (PAL) exists for the purpose of providing networking and promotional opportunities for published authors in RMFW and for promoting RMFW. To apply for membership, fill out the application form below.

PAL also strives to protect our writers by defining those publishers which meet minimum requirements of professionalism and have developed and maintain a viable distribution system through which to sell novel-length commercial fiction.

1. MEMBERSHIP. Members in good standing of RMFW who are published or re-released or under contract with an advance of $250 or more in novel-length fiction by an approved commercial publisher meet the criteria for PAL membership.

2. PROVISIONAL MEMBERSHIP. Members who are under contract with no advance but with royalties based on a percentage of sales of every book (unit) sold, which royalties must be based on a percentage of the cover price, will be given provisional membership. Royalty statements showing royalties of at least $250 must be presented within six months of publication or the beginning of the new year following contract date. If said royalty statements are produced, the provisional membership will advance to full membership. If said royalty statements are not produced, the provisional member will be removed from the PAL membership list.

3. Neither standard membership or provisional membership is automatic. The new author must fill out the application form below to be considered for membership or provisional membership.

4. An approved commercial publisher is defined as one which:
A.) Publishes novel-length fiction in traditional paper format or electronic format or a combination of these formats.
B.) Must have published consistently for a period of at least one year.
C.) Must have paid at least $250 during the preceding year to at least five authors with no financial or ownership interest in the company.
D.) Payment must be in money, not barter for advertising, or copies.
E.) Flat-fee sales or royalty less than 1% of the retail price of the volume are not considered professional rates.
F.) Publisher cannot have charged a fee to consider, read, submit or comment on manuscripts.
G.) Publisher must not require authors to pay for any editing, copyediting, design, cover art, production, advertising, marketing, distribution or any other aspects of publication.

PAL members not paying their RMFW dues shall be dropped from PAL membership, and they shall receive no further PAL support until RMFW membership in good standing is reinstated.

PAL Membership Application

  • How you'd like to be address in email and casual correspondence
  • All names under which you've published
  • Name as you'd prefer it inscribed on your Pen Award
  • for which you'd like to be recognized
  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • (In order to qualify for PAL membership, your publisher must be on our approved publishers list)
  • Drop files here or
    Your publishing contract and/or royalty statement