Previous Anthologies

Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers periodically publishes an anthology of short fiction showcasing the talents of its members.

The stories speak to the anthologies’ titles and themes in a variety of ways—literally, emotionally, symbolically, spiritually, and supernaturally, providing the reader with a satisfying set of stories by some of today’s emerging and established writers.

2014 – Crossing Colfax


Crossing Colfax

Playboy Magazine once called Colfax Avenue “the longest, wickedest street in America.” We invite you to explore Colfax Avenue – its past, present, or future. Its greatest moments, real or imaginary, and its darkest secrets. Tales of romance, action, fantasy and more – Colfax has seen it all. Includes the work of well-known novelists Warren Hammond, Linda Berry and Angie Hodapp.


2009 – Broken Links, Mended Lives

broken linksBroken Links, Mended Lives

2009 Colorado Book Award Finalist In a complex world splintered by myriad interests and needs, we rely increasingly on links. Connections are formed between people, between cities, among nations. Intricate networks are formed between everything from computers and satellites to iPhones and hamburger franchises. This pulsing, living planet spins within the patterns of its links. Includes the work of well-known novelists Mario Acevedo, Carol Berg, Jameson Cole and Cindi Myers.


2007 – Tales from Mistwillow

MistwillowTales from Mistwillow

Travel to this legendary Colorado town, nestled in the Rocky Mountain foothills, shrouded in myth and mystery. Members of Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers have woven inspiring, chilling and downright fun stories about this fictional town. Relax, settle back and enjoy the suspense, the mystery, the love, the comedy, and the ghosts that wander this colorful western town that harbors so many secrets. Includes the work of well-known novelists Cindi Myers, Jeff Shelby, Janet Lane, and Terry Wright.


2004 – Tales from Dry Spell: Tales of Thirst and Longing

DryspellDry Spell: Tales of Thirst and Longing

A dreary winter afternoon, an apple pie, and a bottle of cognac ignite a thirst for a time long gone but note quite forgotten … A homesick mother, an understanding daughter, a promise kept, and a poignant return to the Atacama Desert … A remarkable horse, an outlaw drifter, five days in the desert, and a too-sly-for-her-own-good beauty who overestimates the power of feminine wiles … Grandpa’s little habit and the private achings of an aging heart … Join the storytellers of Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers as they appeal to the yearnings of your soul. Includes the work of award-winning novelists Kay Bergstrom and Margaret Coel.

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