2018 Anthology

False Faces: Twenty Stories About the Masks We Wear

Edited by Warren Hammond and Angie Hodapp

False FacesMasks. Everybody wears them. Perhaps they are tangible, worn for a job or as part of a costume. More likely, they are metaphorical, shaped by the stories we tell each other and lies we tell ourselves. This collection of twenty tales by members of Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers explores what happens when we conceal ourselves behind carefully constructed identities. Why do we hide? What are we afraid to confront? And what happens when at last the masks come off?

  • A woman armed with a username and a Yelp account leaves a series of online reviews that reveal more about her than they do about the goods and services she evaluates in “Steamboat Annie” by Mark Stevens.
  • A housewife deftly manipulates her unsuspecting husband into settling her petty rivalry with their next-door neighbor in “A Snake in the Martin House” by Steven LeRoy Nelson.
  • A professional hitman rushes to his mother’s deathbed, where her last request forces him to confront his convictions about life and death in “Final Approach” by Gary Robbe.
  • A teenager fights back against a disturbing identity experiment run by her high school’s sinister psychologist in “The Joining” by Angela Sylvaine.
  • During a Rolling Stone interview, an aging rock musician struggles with whether to reveal the impossible truth behind his meteoric rise to fame in “Roadmap to Rock-and-Roll Stardom” by Chris LaFata.
  • And fifteen more stories by award-winning authors and new talent alike.

Currently available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle.

Table of Contents

  • That Donnelly Crowd • Anne Therese Macdonald
  • Steamboat Annie • Mark Stevens
  • The Memory of Fire • Mackay Wood
  • A Snake in the Martin House • Steven LeRoy Nelson
  • Bernice’s Mom’s Honolulu Vacation • Katherine Christensen
  • Whisper This Story to Yourself • Saytchyn Maddux-Creech
  • Outside the Realm of Time • Terry Kroenung
  • Final Approach • Gary Robbe
  • Adrift • Sue Duff
  • Today We Are Paisley • John Christenson
  • The Joining • Angela Sylvaine
  • The Clearing • Amy Drayer
  • Masks in Dark Earth • Travis Heermann
  • Our Hero • Sean Eads and Joshua Viola
  • The Devil You Know • Maggie Smith
  • If You Say So • Suzanne Proulx
  • The Things We Do for Love • Andrea Poniers
  • Not a Mother • B.J. Eardley
  • Thresholds • Rose Kite
  • Roadmap to Rock-and-Roll Stardom • Chris LaFata

2018 Editorial Board

Much gratitude to the twenty-two RMFW members who volunteered to serve on the editorial board for this anthology: Shannon Baker, Natasha Christensen, CJ Collins, Liz Colter, Marcia Coman, Beverly Coots, Rachel Craft, Evon Davis, Chris Devlin, Lisa French, Robert Galin, Ann Gordon, Lynde Iozzo, Diane Jewkes, Mandy Mikulencak, Patrick Munnelly, Allynn Riggs, Rebecca Rowley, Cindra Spencer, Eric Stallsworth, Jeanne Stein, and Christine Taylor. Thanks also to copyeditor Nikki Baird.


Email anthology@rmfw.org with questions or concerns.

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