Independent PAL Membership

Independent PAL Membership List

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Opens February 3rd & Closes March 11th

The Independent Published Authors Liaison (IPAL) exists for the purpose of providing networking and promotional opportunities for independently published authors in RMFW and for promoting RMFW. To apply for IPAL membership, fill out the form below.

Criteria for Entry into RMFW IPAL

RMFW members in good standing who have independently published one or more novel-length book(s) of fiction, or equivalent in fictional short stories, and who have income of at least $250 for both print and digital versions of the book(s). The term "independently published" is defined as authors of fiction who are not eligible for PAL under the Policies and Procedures of RMFW. There is no specific time limit on the income for the book(s). Income is defined as monies paid for the purchase of the book, independent of royalties or print costs. Direct sales of books (e.g. at talks or signings) count in the income amount.

Neither standard membership or provisional membership is automatic. The new author must fill out the form below to be considered for membership or provisional membership.