Call For Judges

It’s that time of year again when the Contest Chairs, on bended knees, asks for help. The quality of RMFW members who judge and critique the entries has made the Colorado Gold Contest one of the most respected in the country. Please help us, once again, get the very best of this year’s manuscripts to the final round!

Each judged manuscript earns a $5 credit toward the September Conference; Each critique is worth another $5 credit. (Critiques must be at least 1½ single-spaced pages of thoughtful, useful suggestions directly related to the submission. I also need you to comment on the score sheets; after all, what good is a score without an explanation?). Please note that judging credits do not equate to cash.

By judging, you also receive our undying gratitude.

Judges will receive a coupon code via email soon after signing up to judge. The coupon code is for judges to register for conference. You must register with this coupon code in order to use your judging credits. Once judging credits are earned, the regular conference fee less the judging credit amount will be added to your registration for payment. Please note that judging credits do not equate to cash and are not eligible to be refunded as cash. If you do not receive an email with your judging code immediately after signing up to judge, please check your spam folder. You must register with the code no later than June 30th.

Each entry is 4000 words plus a 750 word synopsis. We’ll email submissions to judges in early June. There is a drop-dead return date of July 14th by 11:59pm.