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June Program

Reading Aloud: Public Speaking for Writers
Presented by Chris Devlin & Aaron Ritchey
Saturday, June 7, 2:00 P.M. – 4:00 P.M.
Lakewood Arts Council
85 S. Union / Suite B
Lakewood, CO 80228

Writers are asked to do more and more of their own promotion these days, and sometimes that involves the number one phobia-public speaking. In this interactive two hour workshop, the presenters will cover every aspect of public speaking for writers. You’ll learn techniques for overcoming the jitters. We’ll show you how to assess acoustics, find your diaphragm, and project your voice. Bring your writing and we’ll work with you to help you present it in its best light. From bookstore readings to casual conversation, you’ll learn how to talk about your work and how to overcome your fear and become comfortable sharing your writing in any situation.

Chris Devlin is a writer by night, crisis counselor by day, where she regularly “talks people down” from their fears. As a bookseller for ten years, she witnessed over a thousand book signings, some more effective than others. After experiencing a painful vocal cord node, she was forced to learn proper use of the voice for both speaking and singing. She’s happy to share what she’s learned, and she’ll try not to make you nervous.

Aaron Ritchey is a writer and speaker whose dynamic workshops entertain and inspire. He continues to write and share his stories despite the intrusions of reality, mental anguish, and being swept away by the raw female energy living in his house. His novel, The Never Prayer, is available now from Crescent Moon Press. His next novel, Long Live the Suicide King, was published in April by Courtney Library.

Bi-Monthly Programs: Western Slope

Western Slope Monthly Programs are free to both members and non-members. They are three to four hours long on a Saturday morning. Topics vary. Check the event for registration requirements. Questions? Contact

May Program
Social Media & Marketing Domination: A Writer’s Guide to Social Media, Branding & Guerrilla Marketing in the Digital Age
Presented by Julie Kazimer

Saturday, May 10, 8:30 A.M. – 1:00 P.M.
Grand Junction Business Incubator
2591 Legacy Way
Grand Junction, Colorado
Please RSVP to Vicki Law at

Expanded continental breakfast will be served at 8:30 A.M. and the workshop will begin at 9:00 A.M. and end approximately noon. From noon to 1:00 P.M. is networking, socializing and clean-up.

Social media, branding, and marketing are a large part of the publishing world today—and each is growing by the minute. It’s important for EVERY writer to know how to use social media, have a distinctive brand, and know how to market yourself for little to no money (because, let’s face it, sometimes being an author is one step above begging for change on the street).

In this workshop, you will discover how to use all the above elements to your advantage and grow your career, whether you’re just starting out or restarting your career. You will get an overview of social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google+ and Goodreads, and begin to use them within the first hour.

You’ll learn how to create a profile on social networks, decide which platforms are right for you, and build a sense of community with others online. You will learn why and how to brand yourself, and then implement that brand in all your marketing and social media efforts.

Make sure to bring your smartphone, a laptop, or other device in order to start your social media world domination!

J.A. Kazimer is a writer living in Denver, CO. Books include The Junkie Tales, The Body Dwellers, CURSES! A F***ed-Up Fairy Tale, Holy Socks & Dirtier Demons, Dope Sick: A Love Story, SHANK, Froggy Style: A F***ed Up Fairy Tale and The Assassin’s Heart. She is currently working on a new fairy tale mystery for Kensington Books.

When Kazimer isn’t looking for the perfect place to hide the bodies, she spends her time surrounded by cats with attitude and a little puppy named Killer. Other hobbies include murdering houseplants, kayaking, snowboarding, reading and theater. After years of slacking, she received a master’s degree in forensic psychology, which she promptly ignored and started writing novels for little to no money.

In addition to studying the criminal mind, Kazimer spent a few years spilling drinks on people as a bartender and then wasted another few years stalking people while working as a private investigator in the Denver area.