Each year, Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers honors one of its published members as its traditionally published Writer of the Year (WOTY) and Independent Writer of the Year (IWOTY). The winners of the awards are members in good standing selected by RMFW's membership from candidates who have been published during the previous calendar year.

How are the Finalists for the WOTY/I-WOTY chosen?

Well you might ask. There are two separate Selection Committees. One for the WOTY, and one for the I-WOTY. LS Hawker is the chair of the WOTY Selection Committee, and Lisa Manifold is the chair of the I-WOTY Selection Committee. Each committee had from five to seven members, all of whom are members of RMFW. Some published, some pre-published. The goal is to bring together a group representative of the diversity within RMFW. As stated in the guidelines listed on the first page, each committee has a number of things that they look at and consider when choosing the three finalists.

In addition to considering the specific work submitted by each nominee, the committees also looked at the entire body of work. Some of the finalists have more books than others—some have been writing for many more years than others! Eligibility begins with all nominees having published a book in 2016. The guidelines were different for the IWOTY in 2016 to reflect the new award, but for 2017 and all future IWOTY awards, the candidates will have published a novel in the previous calendar year.

Nominations will close March 11, 2017 at 12:00 am. After allowing for the Selection Committees to go through the candidates, the finalists will be announced, and voting will open. RMFW will announce both the WOTY and the IWOTY award at our summer party in July.