Screenwriting Comes to RMFW!

By Trai Cartwright
Part Four of a Six-Part Monthly Series

Come on, admit it. You’re curious. Something about it speaks to you and that part of you that’s a little rebellious, that loves trying new things. Well, come on, then, give in to the dark side! Or at least just a dark room. All the better to see the screen…

In what must have been a bit of magic (and some cheering on from a few key folks), Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers have agreed to let me head a screenwriting program.

If you’ve ever had a story that you thought was just perfect for the movies or if the scenes in your book come alive in your head, here’s your chance to come play. Writing for film is easier than it looks (and a lot harder!), and it’s going to be my pleasure to guide a handful of intrepid souls into this amazing medium.

The first class we’re offering is an online class, and it’s ideal for any writer: "The Top 10 Things Movies Can Teach Novelists."

This two-week, do as much or as little as you want class will demonstrate that there’s plenty novelists can steal from how movies tell their stories. Beginning in early December, we’ll discuss all the things that movies do wonderfully and how thinking in film terms can actually help you focus your writing.

All for $25!

And then in the Spring, I’ll be teaching an Introduction to Screenwriting class that will get 12 students rolling on the first half of a screenplay. While we do begin at the beginning with formatting, even those who’ve done a lil’ scriptwriting will find tricks and tips that will advance their movies. This is an in person class complete with vital workshopping and lots of clips from modern classics.

It’s my absolute honor to bring my Hollywood know how to Denver and be the first screenwriting teacher for RMFW! If you’re interested in joining us, drop me a line and I’ll put you on the list to contact when we’re ready to roll.

Meanwhile, I gotta keep this short. I gotta save my words for NaNoWriMo.

Always so much more to learn and to explore—glad I’ve got 50,000 words this month to give me a leg up! See you at the finish line.

To register for Top 10 Things Movies Can Teach Novelists:


Trai Cartwright HeadshotTrai Cartwright, MFA, is a 20-year entertainment industry veteran and creative writing specialist. While in Los Angeles, she was a development executive for HBO, Paramount Pictures, and 20th Century Fox. A new Denver arrival, Trai currently teaches creative writing, film studies and screenwriting for Colorado universities, MFA residencies, writers groups, conferences, and one-on-one as an editor for fiction and screenplays. Learn more about Trai and her work at her website.

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  1. Hi Trai. I love that RMFW is taking a broader approach to fiction and including screenwriting in its education programs. Haven’t tried to write a script yet, but I know lots of Coloradoans who are doing exactly that. Thanks for helping those folks along their journey.

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