2016 Conference Handouts

Handouts will be posted as they become available.
Not all presenters provide handouts.

NOTE: Hotel WiFi is not available in the session rooms. You will need to download your handouts before you attend any of the classes. Hotel WiFi is only available in the lobby, restaurant, and bar areas.

2015 Conference Master Class Handouts
RESOURCES For Everything You Need to Know to Write a Novel107.8 KiB448
2015 Conference Workshop Handouts
All Handouts in a Single PDF File17.5 MiB457
Book Cover Design - Kirk DouPonce4.5 MiB316
Character Creation and Management - Johnny Worthen15.0 KiB223
Crowd-Funded Publishing Through Kickstarter - Courtney Schafer, Kerry Schafer4.0 MiB339
Elements of the Modern Crime Novel - Christine Goff31.5 KiB228
FEM-Wa-Woo: Eastern Medicine and You - Veronica Roland155.6 KiB215
From Pulp To Meta - Mark Stevens, Barry Wightman402.5 KiB185
Is Your Novel MG, YA, or Divergent? - Kara Seal, Leah Parker20.6 KiB311
Putting Curiosity in the Driver's Seat - Bree Ervin14.9 KiB213
Resistance: What's Keeping You From Writing? - Mario Acevedo, Aaron Michael Ritchey1.6 MiB259
Scintillating Science for Your Science Fiction - Lesley Smith20.1 KiB263
Sex, Drugs, and Rock 'n' Roll in YA Lit - Bree Ervin26.0 KiB470
Subplots: A Writer' s Best Friend - R. Franklin James327.7 KiB285
The Better Half: Sidekicks in Fiction - Mario Acevedo, Warren Hammond1.7 MiB461
The Hero's Inner Journey - Michelle Major, Lana Williams583.3 KiB540
Why Metaphors Matter - John Blair70.9 KiB219
Writing Military Fiction - Link Miller4.2 MiB740
2015 Conference Other Documents
Conference Meal Menu - Gluten Free Options48.3 KiB462